America Divided/Seekers



To all my friends on FaceBook and those that request my” befriending” them, has decided to present a couple of new design slogans we feel reflect the current challenges America faces, as “We the people” witness our democracy slowly slip through our fingers. With all the issues of human upheaval in our society today bright minds and human persistence, concur our Constitution is more than just a piece of embroidered paper. People fought gallantly to make this nation stand for more than an experiment or some aberrant theory. Those gains and the establishment of our democracy appear to be in jeopardy. So, taking the proverbial “Bull by the horns”, we decided to remind our “friends” the reins of progress, liberty, and freedom for all of us are still in our hands. Hence, the slogans to show our solidarity in sustaining joy and hope within the confines of our borders.  (1) Divided We Stand, United We Fall, We’re Better Than This! (2) Seekers. I’ve created a symbol for Seekers and you must see it to understand what each element means and why we called it Seekers. The symbol represents an idea.  The Square eclipsing in the Circle represents our individuality as people but similar in defending the human rights of others, the radio “frequency” notches at the back of the shaft, represents our “tuning in” to the social vibration of our country. If you look carefully you’ll notice the “peace” sign that appears from the overlapping of the circle and the square, representing our “mission”. The “point” or arrowhead on the opposite end of the shaft, signals, piercing the heart of justice as cupid’s arrow does the heart of a loved one; to seek the “truth” in all things.

America is wobbling right now, desperately trying to regain her balance. It’s time we ordinary citizens lend a hand to stabilize her footing. This will require cooperation from all us like-minded citizens. We must stand together for a purpose much bigger than ourselves or ego and be there for each other. The luxury of self-centeredness is no longer an option. By wearing either of these t-shirts or hoodies, you are committing to pull together as an American person and push no one away, over the triviality of social mischaracterizations. We also signal to the world, “We get it” and are no longer content meandering on the sidelines hoping things will get better on their own. Our spirit and dedication to what is left to still love about this country can no longer be taken for granted.  Join Us! We certainly want to join you! and If we pull together, our country can stand united, for once!

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