Continued Success ! A Lesson Learned!

I want to share something with you guys. I learned a very good lesson today to not  let my emotions rule my common sense when it comes to believing everything I read on my Facebook account. People are truly strange on this medium and will say things or attribute sayings to famous people who never once uttered those words. But, my mind became numb after reading so many blurbs on so many topics, I let my guard down and got sucked in on meme somebody dropped on a very famous African American female athlete about her take on certain men. Without thinking this could be a "troll" hating on this person, I swallowed the beat "hook-line-sinker" without a thought and responded texting in outrage. Not just me, but many, many others. It was bad, looking back I have to be ashamed of myself for falling for that trash. I truly believe the accusation went viral and then it happened. This person, who the blurb was about, like a phoenix, rose out, and on to the internet,  responding with a vengeance, and her fire from the lie, scorched us all as she began to set the record straight. When I finished reading it , I realized how stupid I was and as an educated person, should have known better. Lesson learned, you're never too smart, too old, too beautiful to allow someone else to control your thoughts, relieving you of the your obligation to be responsible for what comes out your mouth, the point of you pen, and what you text in rapid response to gossip. From now on I will look before I leap, question everything I read on the Internet before I pass it on, if I'm too tired after reading too many memes, retire for the evening and let go. Excoriating a fellow human being over lies and innuendo prays on the dignity of all of us. Never again, never again! I just needed to share that with you guys. Stay beautiful !!!!!!!

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