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We’re a company whose mission is to provide uplifting thoughts to people we pass everyday who may need a friendly pick-me-up or a provocative word to make them think about who they are and their surroundings. The dominate communication device today is our cellphone. We meander through life as strangers, passing one another like lonely ships in the night. There was a time Americans were friendlier toward each other but times have changed. As a nation we’ve grown further apart. Thinktops.network has decided to do something about that.

Our apparel is fashioned with uplifting and provocative expressions that will jerk your brain, grab your attention and put a smile on your face or make you say, hmmmmm. Not only do we provide apparel that reflects your inner spirits we offer tips and reading material to get you up in the morning and out of your malaise to face a glorious day.


The Impossible Dream

We all want to live forever, that’s not gonna happen. But, while we’re alive, we can live as if life is our best friend and we ‘ll do whatever it takes to insure it’s happiness. Creating a healthy, mind, body and spirit is the ultimate gift you can give a best friend.

Mind Speak


I chose this name for my blog because as people of this green earth, our imaginations fuel our thoughts and those thoughts can be in our best interests or toxic enough to deplete our positive spirit. Offering you daily but quick dedicated movements to empower your body and your mind can change your perspective to any challenge you encounter.  My blog will offer you tips and materials to fit your temperament and life style to reshape your diet, spirit and courage to finish whatever good work you’ve started.

Dressing Up From The Inside  




When you wear one of our t-shirts or hoodies etc. that says, “Hug a Duck!”. You’re bound to smile, maybe laugh or shake your head from side-to- side; but from the moment you read it, it took your mind off something serious and it made you giggle. Mission accomplished! Here’s another expression from one our best sellers,” I’m Just a Woman. Now Top That! This expression can serve as a pick-me-up to any woman who’s having a, “not so empowering day”. The words alone can remind her she’s a pretty special person which is all she needs to regain her self-confidence. And for men, when our days are less than heroic, I’ve created a design for a coffee cup that reads, “If you want see a hero, look in the mirror”. Okay, it doesn’t provide you with the tights and a cape, but the   words are transformative.

Missionaries of the Mind


Those are just a few examples of the variety of expressions we generate at Thinktops.network. Mind Speak unravels the confusion of the day with alternative choices for your consideration. Join our little army of motivational soldiers whose mission is to uplift our society and re-think how we treat one another; remember; “we are our brother’s keeper”, but first we have to fall in love again with ourselves. 

Welcome Aboard !




Hey Thinktops family! It’s been awhile since our last conversation. It seems as though the universe has shifted 50 degrees since then. Tell me, do you feel there’s a cosmic struggle within our universe and we’re caught in the middle? I do.  Well, I did a little digging and what I discovered is, planet earth, is transitioning from the Age of Pisces, the Fish to the Age of Aquarius, The Water Bearer. We are undergoing a revolutionary Procession of the Equinox. This Astrological transition is impacting our behavior toward one another and represents moving away from old ideas, norms etc. to prepare for new patterns of thought. Also, replacing fear, superstition and deception, indicative of the Piscean Age with facts, innovative technology blending spirituality and science, characteristic of the Aquarian Age.  This sense of foreboding toward change creates consternation within segments of our society but it’s already here and getting stronger and there’s little we can do about it. From what I read, the future will be more user friendly to all mankind thereby forging culturally diverse coalitions that will initiate new protocols. Now you don’t have to believe this, of course some of you will find this information suspect, that’s okay, but you’ll have admit something is happening in the world that has garnered all of our attention and has rattled our sense of calm.


Cheer up, a brighter day is right around the corner! One of the reasons I created this website, was to be an ever-flowing fountain of ideas and transforming them into slogans of positive affirmations for individual consumption. “Wear who you are” is my motto.  Since then, I’ve added to my line of apparel other paraphernalia that represents freedom of thought, outrage and the peculiarities of our urban and political personality.


How do we handle this universal angst America? How do we keep ourselves buoyant and determined to make this thing called life work out for all of us? Here’s my suggestion; make someone, other than yourself, HAPPY! I know that sounds “corny” but think about it for a minute. Let’s be honest, when we make someone else happy, we get tremendous pleasure from it. We really do, it’s almost a selfish act, but it feels sooo good! Let’s turn ourselves into Fairy “Good” Mothers, Fathers, Citizens and with our invisible magic wands (our voices), speak happy thoughts to someone who needs a bit of uplifting. We can determine how many people we want to do this with in the course of a day. Imagine that! We have the power to bring light into the lives of those that need a little sunshine, now that’s POWER!

Visit me at Thinktops.network or Audiofilesoftheblackwest.com. For those of you who are looking for a Quick Getaway for a vacation follow me on Pinterest.com, Thinktops.network and click on my new “Quick Getaway” board. I’ve listed some reasonable fun locations within the USA and abroad that may tickle your curiosity. Happy Trails!  

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