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Quiet Noise!

 For all my Thinktops.network fans, I’m happy to announce a new collection of apparel, QUIET NOISE! This new line is within the tradition of Thinktops.network’s philosophy of speaking and wearing how you feel.

 No one would argue today, America is being challenged to define what kind of Republic are we? There was a time we lead the world in, “out of the-box” thinking, strode down paths less traveled and dared adventure to frighten us. We were leaders, willing to lend a helping hand to anyone struggling to stand on their own two feet. It is in that spirit of speaking truth to power, with dignity and grace, sometimes grabbing the powerful by the shoulders and shaking them a little, that we Americans were always able to solve our differences.


Right now, the powerful are listening as American citizens make their case for leadership. The QUIET NOISE! collection allows for anyone to express their feeling on how to tackle this pandemic and other issues that confront us. Today, dialogue is the key to understanding similarities and differences. What our collection of mask, t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps do, is open up a universal conversation while at the same time, show respect for the health of another human being. If we can talk past the grief and misconceptions that permeate this present atmosphere of hatred and anger, Americans can once again regain our leadership role on the world stage.


When you wear the QUIET NOISE!  Collection, you’re making noise…but quietly! 


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