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For all my Thinktops.network fans, I’m happy to announce a new collection of apparel, QUIET NOISE.

This new line is in the tradition of the Thinktops.network philosophy expressing your opinions by wearing our apparel.




Today it’s rather difficult to make a reasonable argument, Americans are not as kind to each other as we should be. All one must do is, watch the news or engage on FB, and the internet, acts of kindness isn’t what ‘s flooding those media outlets competing for our attention. In preparing for this blog, my research led me to a stunning article written by Dr. Wagun Williams IsHak, a professor at Cedar Sinai, says, “kindness is a chemical that makes us feel better, centered around oxytocin”. For those of you who don’t know what oxytocin is, in some circles it’s called the love hormone. That’s right, acts of kindness makes you feel that good, which isn’t a bad thing, right? So, how does wearing the apparel in Quiet Noise, going to make you feel loved? Am I getting there? Hold on!



Making noise without making a sound, sounds like a Houdini act, but it’s not. When you dialogue with anyone, you are making an effort to share something very personal. One of the most imposing conversation you can have today,  is to approach someone either wearing a facemask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or someone who isn’t.  If they are wearing a facemask, whatever is written or imaged on that mask, speaks for that individual. They are making their NOISE, for the world to SEE, and HEAR. Even though that person isn’t saying a word, what they are WEARING makes NOISE to you, the moment you read it, your mind HEARS it!



 Given the uncertainty today how long COVID-19 will be with us, I’d say emotionally America is struggling with a dialogue of kindness. We are angry, carefully terrified, and plain old scared. Once upon a time, Americans owned the model of courtesy. We were envied all over the world for how pleasantly we  treated strangers, and people from diverse backgrounds. That ship has sailed, but we can get it back! Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue. For instance, when we create slogans for our apparel at Thinktops.network, we aim at being provocative, but polite, contemporary, but edgy, funny but, more sarcastic, most of all relevant, but not nasty. We are constantly coming up with new slogans, hopefully you like, and if you don’t, let us know, we won’t send a gorilla to your door to debate the issue… promise! Well…maybe one!



 Davis W. Orr, professor of Environmental Studies and Politics suggests, “… our planet isn’t in need of more successful people, as much as it needs more peacemakers, healers, storytellers and lovers of every kind”. I agree, to be kind to someone is a reflection on how you see the world and the people in it. Quiet Noise apparel expands your creative territory, and intercedes for you to initiate a conversation, before you utter any dialogue.  


Question: If you see someone in a store or closed space, without a facemask, how would you approach them: (a) friendly (b) harsh (c) ignore (d) clobber them over the head!  Let us know!

 Respond; Brainee@thinktops.network 


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