About Us

We’re a company whose mission is to provide uplifting thoughts to people we pass everyday who may need a friendly pick-me-up or a provocative word to make them think about who they are and their surroundings. Today people meander through life as strangers, passing one another like lonely ships in the night. There was a time Americans were more friendly toward each other but things have changed over the years and as a nation we’ve grown further apart. Thinktops.network has decided to change all of that by shining light on those dark and lonely ships with our motivational apparel.

Our apparel is fashioned with uplifting and provocative expressions that will jerk your brain, grab your attention and put a smile on your face or make you say, hmmmmm. When you wear one of our t-shirts or hoodies etc. that says, “Hug a Duck!”. You’re bound to smile, maybe laugh or shake your head from side-to- side; but from the moment you read it, it took your mind off something serious and it made you giggle. Mission accomplished! Here’s another expression from one our best sellers,” I’m Just a Woman. Now Top That! This expression can serve as a pick-me-up to any woman who’s having a, “not so empowering day”. The words alone can remind her she’s a pretty special person which is all she needs to regain her self-confidence. Those are just a few examples of the variety of expressions we generate at Thinktops.network. Visit our website and browse our product line, then join our army of motivational soldiers whose mission is to uplift our society and re-think how we treat one another; remember; “we are our brother’s keeper”.